It Can Happen at the Plumbers House!

It was cold this winter. Colder than normal and I thought it was just me, but after taking a consensus I’m not alone in that thought. Spring came upon us and you wouldn’t have known it with 12” of snow on the ground and more expected today. Just hearing the word Spring instead of Winter gets me all twitter-pated.

Here are a few things I do before I break the door down to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. One last furnace filter goes in, new batteries are put in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and the water heater is flushed. Lastly, I put hose caps on the outside faucets and turn the water on. If you can hear water running, turn off the water. This means your hose faucet froze this Winter and needs replaced.

A little story before I wrap this up. I’m sitting in the den one cold winter day and I hear a pop and water running. I went to investigate and found our car in the garage is getting a bath! I had run a water line through the garage to an outside faucet and forgot to turn the water off to it and drain it down. Oops! It froze and burst. Ironically, it also happens at the Plumbers House!