Money Saving Tips: Springtime in the Rockies

Money Saving Tips: Springtime in the Rockies

Hose faucet repair, leak repair and sump pumps

My favorite time of year is Spring. I can finally come out of the winter hibernation and see this city come alive. My yard is alive with mother-nature now. Life is good.

The following are chores I have already done and hope you do too. They are important and can save you grief and money if you get them done.

Check your outside faucet to make sure they didn’t freeze then burse because someone left a hose attached to them. Purchase a hose cap at your local hardware store and put it on the outside faucet and turn it on. If you hear water running, you have a bad hose faucet and need it replaced. By doing this you have caught it before you flood your basement!

Next, turn your sprinkler system on and check the vacuum breaker outside to make sure it didn’t freeze and burst. If it did, your shut-off valve inside the home isn’t turned off or you didn’t drain your system down properly.

The last chore is to check your sump pump. Fill the pit with water and make sure it pumps. Heavy rains this Spring can cause the pit to fill up. If the pump doesn’t turn on, you could have a flooded basement!