Gas Line Install/Repair

If you need a gas line for a grill on the patio, gas dryer or gas stove, call Certified Plumbing Company, Inc. and have our experienced plumbers visit your home and recommend the right solutions for your new addition.

The gas system in your home was most likely designed for the average needs of your house at the time of construction. It pays to have a professional update your gas system if your additions are straining your original gas system.

Give us a call at 303-795-7498 or contact us online to set up an appointment today.

Gas Leaks
First and foremost, IF YOU SMELL GAS – GET OUT OF THE HOUSE IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT FLIP ON A LIGHT SWITCH and DO NOT TURN ANYTHING ON OR IGNITE ANYTHING! Once you are out of your house, call your local gas provider.

You should call your utility company from a neighbor’s house or on your mobile phone once you have reached a safe distance from your home.

The Xcel Energy contact number is at 800-895-2999. Call 911 in an emergency. This is a phone number to have in your cell phone’s contact list.