Pressure Reducing Valves

Does the water from your faucet resemble a fire hose? If the water pressure from your faucet is so forceful that it splashed up the side of your sink, the pressure reducing valve (PRV) in your home is not working properly or you may need a PRV installed to eliminate dangerous high water pressure. Your water flow should not exceed 65 lbs. of pressure.

This valve regulates the rate water flows through your faucets and excessive pressure places too much stress on your on the plumbing, faucets, fixtures & water heater in your home. A pressure reducing valve (PRV) is designed to make sure the water in your home flows at a regulated pressure. A faucet, toilet, or other appliance could break when you have a faulty pressure reducing valve.

Spotting damaged valves is not easy so have us include a check on our next service call. Prevent safety concerns and potentially reduce your water bill too by having your pressure reducing valve inspected. We have solved all kinds of water pressure issues for over 40 years.

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