Shut-Off Valve & Vacuum Breaker Install

Shut-off valves

The three most commonly used shut-off valves in your home are:

1.  A gate valve that has a round handle that you turn clock-wise to shut off;

2.  A stop valve which has an oval handle that you turn clock-wise to turn off;

3.  A ball valve that has a lever handle that you pull up or down ¼ turn for on and off.

These three valves have one thing in common – a packing nut located behind the handle and around the stem. The packing nut is six-sided tightens the packing around the stem so it won’t leak. When the valve is opened and closed a lot or if not used very much, the packing will get loose, rip or disintegrate.

Additionally, quarter turn shut-off valve is also available which has a very nice feature that it only require a 1/4 turn to turn this valve off or on.

Vacuum Breakers

A vacuum breaker is a device to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into you home. The most common vacuum breaker is on your sprinkler system, although they exist throughout the faucetry of your home. There are different types of vacuum breaks that may be right for your home.

Having your vacuum breaker inspected is the best way to make sure water from the washing machine or worse places stays out of the drinking water system in your home.

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